Anytime Maths


“Mr Rae was the first teacher to make me believe in myself. He helped me to see what I was capable of and was so nice. He definitely made a large impact on my education.”

Noah – Student, Sydney

“Once in a while you come across a teacher who has a special way of relating to his students calmly and kindly. Mr Rae managed to do this bringing the best out in them. He was genuinely respected and liked and I’m so grateful Noah had the opportunity to have him, as I feel he unlocked something that has had a profound impact on Noah’s learning.”

Tanya – Parent, Sydney

“Simon taught our son Angus in Year 4, helping him through what was at the time a challenging transition to a new school. I can honestly say that Simon played a major role in helping Angus become the happy, confident and capable young man he is today, and we fondly remember Simon as one of the best teachers Angus has ever had.”

Andrew – Parent, Sydney

“Simon is a dedicated, caring and experienced educator who strives both to understand and cater for the individual needs of the students in his care. He builds a positive rapport with students, who respond to his structured, calm and systematic approach to learning.”

Elizabeth – Learning Specialist, Sydney

“Quite simply, Simon is one of the most outstanding teachers I have had the pleasure of working with in my 32 years in the independent sector.”

Head of a leading London preparatory school

I worked with Simon in central London and he was obviously a natural as a teacher. He has high standards in the classroom and a real sense of aspiration to high standards for all the children. Simon has an intuitive sense of where the child is academically and an excellent plan for how to move them on. A central strength of Simon’s work is an appreciation of what children will enjoy doing that will bring them benefit and progress – both in the classroom and out.

Mr Jon Gray – Headmaster – York House Preparatory School

Simon is an experienced and gifted educator who is dedicated to improving student learning. He sets high expectations for himself and students, but has the ability to organise learning activities to support all children to achieve success. In working at our school, Simon’s dedication went far beyond the classroom, as he contributed to the leadership team and worked consistently to improve the organisation of the whole school and the welfare of the students. He also played an active part in the school’s sports programs, coaching football, rugby, cricket and athletics, and helping children achieve success outside the classroom as well. Simon believes that each student is capable of taking responsibility for their own learning and development. At our school, he empowered students to set and achieve the goals that were important to them.

Head of a leading Sydney Preparatory School