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Family Capers Review

Reviewer’s Experience: 

Well Simon Says has taken on a whole new meaning in this house thanks to the Lifestyle Tutoring online program. Lifestyle Tutoring offers video tutoring in your own home with a real teacher.

There is a lot to like about this easy to use tutorial system featuring tutor Simon Rae. To start with, registering is easy and the product is simple to download using the Lifestyle Tutoring website. It comes as a package with a video and worksheet, to be printed out providing plenty of engagement for the student.

What follows is a video tutorial that alternates with the worksheet. The major highlight is this isn’t just about relearning what has been taught in the classroom. The focus extends to the real-life application of mathematics using scenarios likely to be encountered by the child.

Simon explains each concept then asks the viewer to pause the video and undertake the worksheet exercise.   He uses an engaging style that we found very encouraging.  He also makes good use of his Smart board which we find keeps us engaged – love the Smart board.  When finished the worksheet exercise, the student resumes the video to mark their work.

This is all done in a calm, approachable, encouraging manner where Simon explains each mathematical concept in a number of ways.  And you are challenged to do other things – improve even further.

At the end the student is left feeling as though they have accomplished something, and extra challenges are provided should the child choose to undertake them.  And there is plenty of positive reinforcement.

Fitting study in around all that happens in family life can be an issue but this being online means it’s available 24/7 so managing it is easy.

This is a no-fuss, distraction-free method of learning, and one that leaves the student feeling accomplished, encouraged and congratulated for their work.

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