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In order to achieve our best, we have to work at it. This goes for everyone!

Anyone who has achieved greatness in their lives, whether on the sporting field, in movies, as a musician or magician, they all had to start somewhere. They then put in hours and hours and hours of practice in order to achieve their success, just like the kids in these videos have done.

If you have dreams of becoming a sportsman, musician, doctor, builder, teacher, nurse or architect,  you will need to work hard in order to achieve it.

We are all capable of something great – it just takes time and lots of effort! Greatness doesn't just happen, so why not start now by setting yourself some goals to do with your family, school, sport and hobbies.

To give you some extra motivation to work hard, I'm looking at adding lots of videos of you guys doing what you do! You don't have to be a world champion or have professionally created music videos to be put on the site. What would be great for example, is if you video yourself playing a piece of music for the first time, then again a few weeks later, before finishing the video with your  final polished performance!

What have you got to lose?


Mackenzie - Junior Girls World Wakeboarding Champion

Two years ago, at the age of 8, Mackenzie learned to ski while holidaying with her family in Grafton, NSW.

Today, not only is she the Junior Girls State Wakeboarding Champ, but also the Australian Champion. As if this wasn't enough for Mackenzie, she recently flew to America where, at the age of 10, has brought home the Junior Girls World Championship title! 

To achieve this in such a short time Mackenzie has had to train four times a week and, whilst this can be challenging, the bonus is that she gets to hang out with her family down at the river. Her next goal is to ride well and have fun at the Moomba festival in Melbourne later this year.

At school, Mackenzies favourite subjects are Maths, Japanese and English.

And what about her future? Mackenzie just wants to have fun and be the best she can be. What a superstar! 

JoJo Rock

JoJo Rock is a 10 year old rapper with a cause!

He started rapping by chance when he was 7, just joking around with his family on a long car trip. Since then he hasn't looked back.

At the age of 10 he is a seasoned professional. He has performed in front of thousands of people and is now kicking off his next school tour.

Why does JoJo do this? For the fame and fortune? Not at all. His mission is to raise money to help fight poverty in Africa. All the money he makes goes towards his chosen charity Compassion.  

Not only a fantastic rapper, but a true inspiration!  

You can check out more of his videos at 


About Reach for the Stars

I wanted to make a song which helps people go for their dreams. Sometimes the dream seems bigger than what you think you are capable of. I think you should set your goals as high as possible and even if you don't make it all the way you can be surprised of what you are capable of.

I have been presenting and performing for school students across Australia over the last year on my "Rise Up and Make a Difference" tour. My main message is to see your youth as an advantage. See it as a strength and make a difference while you are young.

I hope you all enjoy the song and the message.

JoJo | Music video by JoJo Rock performing Reach for the Stars. (C) 2014

Jarvis and Jagger Leith

Jarvis and Jagger are just like your average brothers. They like to hang out together and ride their scooters and of course would never say no to a ride on a quad bike. They enjoy going to school and spending time with their family and friends. Oh, and they also like to do back flips, roundhouse kicks and break wood with their bare feet! 

Jagger, 7 and his older brother Jarvis, 9 both happen to be Black Belts in Taekwondo. They are part of the Extreme Team through the Australian Martial Arts Academy, who perform at festivals and events. 

Not surprisingly they don't just hand out Black Belts. To achieve this the brothers have had to work 'extremely' hard. They started Taekwondo 4 years ago and are now training 3 times a week. With the right coaches and training techniques it's amazing what you can achieve.

To fit this in around a busy lifestyle of school, sport and family is pretty impressive. Congratulations, boys!

Please don't try these move at home. Leave it to the professionals!